Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marcel's Quantum Kitchen

Marcel's Quantum Kitchen premiered last night on SyFy.. (Sci-Fi channel).  It looked like it could be an interesting watch, as I'd seen this kid on Top Chef.  He seemed like a douche on Top Chef, but thought I'd give him another chance.

Goddammit I was wrong.  While the show was mildly interesting, the cooking concepts were quite interesting, this kid is a giant fucking douchebag!  He's an idiot that thrives on attention, and he's getting it.

There were times when he seemed realistic.  Even a somewhat decent guy, but 90% of the time, he was bitching about everyone, and how hard his job was because of the actions of others.

The editing of the show was quite out of hand as well.  At one point, Marcel was asking a non-chef (whom he hired for the catering business front end aspect) to prepare some apple stuff.  She was slow as shit, and she stated that she was worried for her job due to her slowness...  suddenly we get the back and forth, overly dramatic edits between her face showing concern, to his face showing contempt, back to her face, then to his, and so forth..  Way overdone.

I will probably give the show another chance, see if the cheese in this show gets melted down to something manageable.


  1. I remember him from Top Chef too! he was a little bit annoying but he was hated cos he was french, lol.

  2. really nice blog. i like it :) its a new show?

  3. Was never really into cooking shows, but if I see this one I'll give it a try.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  4. lol sounds like shitty show, i dont like cooking shows to begin with though