Monday, January 2, 2012

Introduction of the challenge!

First off, I'll start by saying that it has surely been awhile since I've posted anything here.  But now I've got something new that my family is trying.

No eating out for one month.

My wife found some site where a family did this, so we thought we'd try it ourselves!  It is going to be hard, we know this.  But we think we can do it, and dammit, we need to do it lol.

So as to our rules:
No eating out for one month.
My wife and I alternate cooking.  I cook on odd days, she cooks on even days.
We started this with the new year (Jan 1, 2012)

This goes for all meals.

So, I have to make a post talking about my first cooking day:  Jan 1st!  (I know this is Jan 2, so I'm posting a few things today, lol)

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