Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jan 7 - Shepherds Pie and Irish Soda Bread

Day 7

Cook:  Me

Meal:  Shepherds Pie and Irish Soda Bread
First came the Soda Bread:
Super simple to make and extremely pleased with how quickly it got gobbled up!  I will surely be making this again.

Now onto the Pie!

Cutting potatoes!

Cutting carrots!

Cutting celery!

Green onions!

Brown that meat.. you should probably use a deeper pan.. lol

Add the green onions and garlic that I never mentioned!

All all the colorful veggies that you chopped up!

Cup of peas!  Chicken Broth!  Cream of mushroom!

Stir, thicken, bask in your cooking glory!

Still thickening!  Thicker = awesomer!

Mashed potatoes!

 Spread the mash on the bottom of pie plates.

 Fill with the awesome glory you made on the stovetop earlier.

Cover with more mash.
 Make enough mash to cover the pies better than this!

Stick under the broiler, til the mash gets brown and a little crispy.

Scoop and eat!  NOMNOMNOM


  1. Looks amazing, I'm hungry now :(

  2. Wow this has made me so hungry! I guess I will go out to eat now. Thanks!